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Dry patches, Pits and Glands

By August 2, 2019December 3rd, 2019No Comments

Due to varying skin textures, fake tan absorption can be problematic. Here we try to tackle issues associated to dry skin and tanning difficult areas such as glands and arm pits.

Firstly, fake tan will absorb and stick to dry skin more so than normal/smooth skin. This is why we advise exfoliating all over prior, paying particular attention to knees, heels, elbows etc. We also advise applying Tanya Whitebits Barrier Cream to dry skin as part of your skin prep routine prior to tanning.

You could try lighter application in problem areas or use the dry side of the tanning mitt to buff and glaze over dry areas. For tan maintenance, another tip is to moisturise in the shower just before you get out, apply liberally and wrap yourself in a towel to pat dry – but beware of slip hazard! Some moisturisers can be thick and when applied to dry skin they can sweep away some fake tan so applying it to wet skin helps it go on smoother.

Our Tan Enhancing Moisturiser contains 2% tan. We would recommend daily use to extend and maintain your tan. Avoid application to elbows knees, knuckles and heels with it. If you are having problems in some areas i.e. armpit you could try applying the mousse lighter in these areas. Armpits get really dry because of daily deodorant use and therefore the tan may stick more to the dry areas surrounding the gland. As your arm pit secretes oils the tan can fade off the gland area quicker leaving you with lighter patches therefore light application will ensure less contrast.

You could try using roll on anti-perspirant under your spray deodorant as it will add moisture to the skin. If the tan sticks more to surrounding area you could exfoliate thoroughly pre tan and moisturise daily to improve natural fade off. Applying our Barrier Cream pre tanning to dry areas will help over absorption too.

We cannot underestimate how important it is to exfoliate prior and get your skin in the best condition but also erase away any old tan residue as any fresh tan on top of an old tan will absorb to dry patches of old tan giving an uneven appearance. Moisturise daily for even fade off and best results. For particularly dry skin, daily moisturiser is paramount. Failure to do this may result in a dry flaky tan which can look like crocodile skin or snakeskin.

Hope this helps!

S x

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