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Meet our new mitts

By October 1, 2019December 3rd, 2019No Comments

You can have the greatest tan in the world, but we cannot underestimate how essential the right application tools are. Here at Tanya Whitebits, we’ve been so committed to that statement that we’ve launched our own luxury tanning mitt to ensure that your tan glides on to leave you with the perfect tan.

Not only will using our luxury tanning mitt give you a great tan finish, it will also allow you to use your tanning product more economically and avoid too much precious self-tan wastage. Remember a little goes a long way and you only need a small amount of tan when applying it to your body.

Our luxury tanning mitts were launched in September to help you create a flawless natural glow, and the double-sided self-tan applicator helps you achieve a smooth and even colour. Crafted with an ultra-soft velvety fabric, the mitt protects hands from getting stained and means you can expertly blend the product into your skin for a streak-free, flawless result. The mitt is also machine or hand washable at 40 degrees and reusable.

Firstly, our top tip is hang on to the packaging sleeve so that you have your mitt care instructions on hand, and you can store your mitt in there in between usages. We advise using the dry side of the mitt to buff the tan around delicate areas such as hands, feet and face, and to use minimal tan on delicate and dry areas. Apply the tan to one side of the mitt, then apply to the skin in long even sweeps, ensuring skin is clean, exfoliated and free of any oils.

After use, rinse mitt with warm water to clean or machine wash at 40 degrees. Hands will remain perfectly clean as the mitt is lined with a waterproof shield.

Our mitt is the ideal accessory to help you achieve the most natural looking fake tan, perfect for use with all Tanya Whitebits products. Our Mitt ensures a streak-free tanning experience with flawless results!

If you accidentally apply too much tanning product on to delicate areas such as hands, knees, elbows & feet, apply our barrier cream on top to dilute over absorption in dry areas and buff with the dry side of the mitt to blend any imperfections.

We’re stockists of the Bronzie range, including their Ultimate Back and Body Mitt and the Ultimate Back and Body Exfoliating Mitt. These are a must-have if you want to halve your tanning time, and ensure that your whole body and back is tanned. As with our Tanya Whitebits Mitts, these are lined with a waterproof shield and can be hand or machine washed as directed.

We recommend our blending brush to even out the tan in the trickiest of places such as hands, feet and face.

We hope you love our new tanning mitts as much as we do. Be sure to let us know how you get on!

S x

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