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Tanning with eczema and psoriasis

By January 6, 2020June 29th, 2020No Comments

In this blog, our Founder, Shoned, shares her tips on fake tanning for eczema and psoriasis suffers:

Firstly, I would recommend having a look at the ingredients list in case there is anything that you are aware may cause a flare up. Tanya Whitebits products are paraben and alcohol free, they are kinder to your skin and due to this we find that we are able to accommodate more clients with skin sensitivity. Parabens are a type of preservative, first introduced in the 1950s. They’re used to prolong shelf life in many health and beauty products by preventing the growth of mould and bacteria within them. Parabens allow products to survive for months, even years, in our bathroom cabinet; however, when you use these products, they can also enter your body through your skin.

In 2004, a British study found traces of five parabens in the breast tissue of 19 out of 20 women studied. The study didn’t prove that parabens can cause cancer but identified that the parabens were able to penetrate the skin and remain within tissue. Additionally, alcohol ingredients can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts, therefore eliminating these two ingredients will have immediate benefits to the skin.

Clients with sensitive skin would be advised to perform a 24-hour patch test to check skin suitability beforehand. If irritation occurs discontinue use. As mentioned, feedback has been very positive from customers using Tanya Whitebits on sensitive skin, in particular eczema and psoriasis conditions. Clients would be advised not to use products during eczema or psoriasis flare ups or on open wounds. However, if the skin is hard and all the above have been performed then Tanya Whitebits would recommend the following advice.

1. Treat your condition regularly with moisturiser as recommended by your practitioner.
2. Follow our preparation instruction, which can be found on your bottle or on the product pages on our website.
3. Apply Tanya Whitebits Barrier Cream to dry areas including areas affected by eczema and psoriasis.
4. When applying Tanya Whitebits tanning products to your skin, avoid direct application to affected areas. When unaffected areas have been tanned, use a blender brush or back of velvet tanning mitt to glaze over the sensitive area. This will help blend in the tan and prevent dry areas from absorbing too much product which can produce darker patches.
5. If you spot over absorption of tanning product to dry patches we would recommend applying a small amount of barrier cream to dilute the tan on problem areas. We would then advise buffing over with the dry side of the tanning mitt or blender brush as a corrective technique to blend away any imperfections.
6. If your skin is inflamed and you have open wounds, we do not recommend using our products on those areas as they may cause irritation.

Happy tanning!

S x

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