Tanya Whitebits Tan Enhancing Moisturiser (Trade)


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For all trade orders, please visit salonsdirect.com


TANYA WHITEBITS Tan Enhancing Moisturiser allows you to prepare and enhance the skin for tanning to achieve a professional salon finish to your tan.

Specially formulated with added benefit ingredients such as Aloe Vera, the rich moisturising formulation deeply hydrates skin to help prepare it for tanning and will also ensure you keep your golden natural looking tan for longer. Ideal for beginners or experienced tanners, but essential for all to create and prolong the ultimate tan.

Can be used with all TANYA WHITEBITS Self Tanning products to hydrate your skin and maintain your tan.

For Best Results

Use prior to tanning application to hands, feet, elbows, knees, wrists, heels and ankles to ensure a lighter coverage on these areas. After your self-tan has developed and the guide colour has been rinsed off, use daily to help keep skin hydrated and silky soft for a longer lasting and professional looking tan of the skin

Allow to dry before applying your Tanya Whitebits tanning product.For a longer lasting and flawless tan apply before and after tanning.

Keeping skin well moisturised after tanning will ensure your tan is even and lasts for longer.

Use daily for best results.

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