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Can you use fake tan on all skin types?

By June 1, 2020June 29th, 2020No Comments

The age old question – can you use fake tan on all skin types? In short yes. Tanya Whitebits products has a surprisingly positive effect on black and Asian complexions. Although the results aren’t as sharp or significant as they are on caucasian skin types, tanning does lend darker complexions a noticeable glow.

A common complaint among those with darker complexions is that dead skin cells appear paler and greyer against their skin tone particularly in the winter months. Fake tanning will pick up the tone of skin and moisturising ashy areas with our Tan Enhancing moisturiser will make your fake tan last longer too.

Furthermore, although skin cancers are more prevalent in caucasian skin types, they also occur in dark skin, and when they do they tend to be diagnosed at a later stage and, as a result, have a worse prognosis.

First, there’s a lower public awareness overall of the risk of skin cancer among individuals with darker skin. Secondly, clinical evidence shows that the darker skin demographic is less likely to develop skin cancer, and there’s often a lower index of suspicion for skin cancer in patients with dark skin, because the chances of it actually happening are smaller.

It is therefore important that we all protect our skin with SPF and fake it for that golden glow.

Although Tanya Whitebits won’t have the same full-on effect on black skin tones as it does on caucasian complexions it does have a number of beauty benefits. Your skin will glow, making it look as if you’ve just returned from a summer holiday on the beach. Plus fake tanning will blend away any uneven patches of colour, like stretch marks or scarring, helping to balance out your skin tone.

Tanning for black skin is not so much about darkening the skin but about building up a gorgeous, light-reflecting sheen.
Stars like Beyonce and Rihanna have been known to step into the tanning booth to add some extra radiance to their skin. Products respond really well to darker skintones and, can also help to make you appear slimmer, longer and leaner.

1. It adds a gentle luminescent sheen to the skin that balances out uneven patches of colour.
2. A sun-kissed tan mimics the sheer coverage of a light foundation, lending the skin a natural-looking radiance.
3. Darker fake tan camouflages scars and blemishes, just like a concealer, giving the skin a lightly airbrushed appearance.
4. When applied over the chest, arms and torso, it also accentuates the muscle tone and defines the waist.

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